Commercial and industrial

Private network

Transport O-Claire can supply or complement small private networks, such as blocks of modular homes, or when several residences are supplied with a common pool of water. In the event of a breakage or during a clean-up, we can offer you a rental water tank to create a temporary water reserve on site. Please note that our services are in line with all government standards, and that we have all the required certifications to offer you water that is compliant and safe to drink.


We have a lot of expertise in the transportation of spring water for bottlers. We can take care of transport, manage your inventory and even the procurement at the source, according to your specifications.

Ideal for: spring water, soft drinks and/or juices.

Food plants

With our partners, we can offer different types of water, for the production of your natural foods, juices or drinks, according to your recommendations and specifications. Also, in case of a break or the issuance of a drinking water avoidance advisory related to the water system that feeds your plant, we can take over, thereby preventing a disruption of your production.


We can provide water for the irrigation of your crops, to supply your feed well to your animals, etc. We can either make the delivery or you can rent tanks in several formats, from short to long term. The tanks can range from a capacity of 1000 L up to a 4-axle tank (40,000 L).

Drinking water for events

Different types of water

We have several partnerships to develop and make different types of water for all purposes, such as for the pharmaceutics, aeronautics, aviation and food industry.

Types of water: water for waterworks, hot water, bleached water, demineralized water, spring water, distilled water, ionized water, and water treated by reverse osmosis.

Professional washing with sterilization

We perform a professional washing service with sterilization according to the standards of our customers.
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Transport O-Claire offers good quality water and take responsibility for its products.