Tanker and truck regulations

Our expertise brings us the qualification for each agri-food business. We respect the HACCP standard and the highest standards of safety.

The equipment has a weekly mechanical maintenance, which is more than the average in the transport.

The inside of our tanks is washed after each transport to ensure the quality of your product. We also have tankers that are dedicated to particular food grade liquids only.

We give you the washing certificate before loading.

At any time, you can find out where your transport is going and at what time the departure or arrival is scheduled to notify your staff or to prepare equipment for receiving and shipping the product.


Our equipment is changed regularly to be modernized and be on the cutting edge of technology for remarkable reliability and to have the least major stops on our route. We know what it can cost to slow down your production after a delay.

We have the equipment needed to speed up loading or unloading. If a part, an adapter, a hose or other is missing, we are able to have it or have it manufactured quickly by our suppliers, according to the food grade rules.

We are able to answer your questions or needs in a timely manner by phone or email as they are connected to a mobile smart phone, it enters the office and joins the manager.

The owner, Mr. Hugo Chalifoux, is always available for you.

Professional washing with sterilization

We perform a professional washing service with sterilization according to the standards of our customers.
Contact us for more details.


  • We have a Kosher certification.
  • We comply with HACCP standards.
  • We are 3-A Sanitary Standards certified for dairy products.
  • We have all the necessary government permits.
  • We have no food grade liquid with antibiotic or that is expired.
  • We make a written commitment not to mix non-compatible products.
  • Each tank wash comes with a wash certificate with details like time and date, latest product hauled and more.
  • Our tanks have a seal on each opening before loading after washing and we install yours after loading.
  • Our equipment is checked and certified by the SAAQ and each equipment has its maintenance record.
  • Our employees are trained regularly to be up-to-date with each plant’s standards and the delicate use of your products.
  • We commit ourselves in writing to a complete confidentiality of the information of your company.