Filling of swimming pools and spas

We sell aqueduct grade water in bulk, to fill your above-ground or in-ground swimming pool, your spa, your pond, etc. The area we cover for residential filling is limited to Montreal’s South Shore and the Montérégie. Our delivery services of filling water by tankers are mostly used by residents whose water is supplied by a well and/or people who want to enjoy their installations as soon as possible.

We fill your round or oval above-ground pool, your in-ground or your semi-in-ground pool, completely or partially. The filling of your pool or your spa by our bulk water tankers takes little time: the filling of you pool takes about 20 minutes for each delivery, and about 10 minutes to fill your spa. There is no need to treat the water, which is ready for you to swim in as soon as the pool is filled.

Hot water

At all times, we have hot water, at over 90 degrees, which we can deliver to you for an extra charge, for your spa or in small quantity, to warm up your pool water. Our water heaters are environmentally friendly, functioning in a natural way, with solar panels. Bear in mind that your swimming pool is not a thermos, and that an extra charge is necessary for your water to be at a temperature that is higher than the outside temperature. Without an extra charge, we deliver our water at a temperate degree, meaning the warmer the outside temperature, the warmer the water we deliver, which can reach more than 80 degrees in summer.

To fill your spa, you can order temperate water, or hot water for an additional fee of $30.

Filling of surface wells and residential reservoirs

When the water table is low after several days without rain, many residences do not have enough water. In rural areas, residences equipped with a well or older residences may experience a water shortage which, in the last case, manifests itself in the reservoir installed inside the house. This can also occur, for instance, in the case of the reserve systems of a stable, or of a structure far away from municipal utilities.

We also do lawn watering.

Convenience with retailers

Several stores refer to us and manage directly your order or your reservation to get your swimming pool filled. These stores include Piscines Horizon, Club Piscine, Trévi, Piscine Hippocampe and several other retailers and independent installers. This speeds up the installation, and the coordination of the filling of your swimming pool with the installer is much appreciated.

Here are the steps to follow for the delivery of water for your swimming pool:

  1. Make a reservation 24 to 48 hours in advance, by giving your personal contact information
  2. Make sure that you give the exact size and/or quantity when you place your order
  3. During the installation of an above-ground pool, call us 2 hours before you will need the water | For an in-ground pool, call us 2 hours before you install the lining
  4. If your pool requires more than one delivery, we will deliver the subsequent one(s) the same day
  5. Payment on delivery:

*When placing your order, please let us know which method of payment you will use.

  • We stay on the street so as not to damage your asphalt entrance
  • All our trucks have a maximum of pipes if you need more we add them
  • The time to empty is about 25 min.