Tanker rental

We offer tanker rentals for a multitude of situations. We can bring you a tank temporarily or in a longer period of a time depending on your project. Our water is drinkable, and certification can be provided on demand. We can do rates for one fill or more depending on your needs in the short or long term.

Here are some examples of where you might need our tanker rental service:

  • A problem of drinking water supply, such as a broken infrastructure or non-drinkable water, for a residence, a factory, a business or a municipality
  • Water for drilling and other construction work


  • Provide certified drinking water for food trucks for events such as a festival
  • Provide certified drinking water for an event where participants can fill their reusable water bottles → this is a great way to make your event sustainable

We have a large fleet of rental tanks. From a 205 liter container to a 40,000 liter reservoir. We offer hourly, daily or monthly rates. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your project, always in compliance with government standards.

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