Liquid hauler for 4 generations

Originally, the first two generations began with the transport of milk cans from the farm to the factory. It was with the third generation that small tankers started. We were in the first to own one. From a few thousand liters, to today with forty thousand liters in four-axle semi-trailer, progress grew as well as our expertise.

In the 90s, the transport of farm milk was sold and only a few small transports were made. So, after having two retail stores for eleven years, Mr. Hugo Chalifoux, in his thirties, started out in the field he knew best, the transport of liquids by tankers. With his many contacts, he was able to obtain support from large companies in the agri-food industry. Service, commitment and quality of the tanks are just a few qualifiers that describe our company and it continues to move in this direction.

Thank you for your confidence.